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Jerry Jones Direct is a membership-based patient attraction and retention company with over 20 years experience in dentistry.

We move your vision to reality using smart, effective, trackable marketing along with select practice management systems that simultaneously build your brand and net income.

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A real silver bullet (but it won’t do THIS)

December 5

Here’s a pic of a real Silver Bullet next to a JJD pen (clever placement, eh?): It sits in my desk drawer here at JJD World HQ. I bought it 15 years ago as kind of a joke. It’s a REAL .357 Magnum round. I could shoot it out of my .38 Special. Or, if I had […]

Garth Brooks: Marketing Expert and One Helluva Entertainer

July 1

On Saturday, I caught the best concert I’ve ever witnessed, live and in person: the Garth Brooks Stadium Tour. That guy, after some 30 years in the entertainment business, knows how to put on a show. 60,000+ fans crowded into Autzen Stadium to watch the legend perform – me, Lynia and Mady, my two girls […]

Do I Think Of You When…

April 26

I just rolled in from a short vacation over at the beach in Lincoln City. Beautiful little coastal town. Sleepy except for the summer or holidays. There are a couple little developments that have popped up over the years in Lincoln City that define charming. They are cottage-ish, retro-ish and definitely beach-y. In fact, their […]

Lessons From A Recycled Glasses Store

April 19

Last year, I don’t recall when exactly, I was speaking to a group of younger dentists looking to open their own practices. I was in one of my least favorite cities: Vegas. The other speakers there were a group of unusual characters from all over the US. There were a couple bankers, both of whom […]

What’s Required For A Successful Practice

April 12

My first dental office had one door in and one door out. There was no “back door” the doctor or I could sneak into or out. Having one entry/exit would be a no-go for some. For me, I noted that it forced our doctors and team members to see what our Guests would see and […]

Disallowed and Denied…A Subtle Difference

April 5

Disallowed and Denied. They both start with Ds. They both are printed on EOBs. However, one you can collect from the patient and one you cannot. Do you know the difference? Does your team know the difference? I learned only this past weekend the difference between the two. According to Charles Blair, when a claim […]

There’s Not As Much Time As We Think

March 29

I made a comment to the Members recently… “You’ve got to have plans in place and always be considering what would happen if you were suddenly, without warning, unable to lift a drill.” Unfortunately, there was very little conversation about the topic and how it might affect each and every doctor in the room and […]

The Only Things Keeping You From Your Goals

March 22

I was thinking the other day about how some go from start to reaching a major milestone or goal far faster than others, who in many cases have been at it for years. This kind of fast advancement confounds many. And, rather than attempt to understand the thought or actual process behind it, they condemn […]


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