On Saturday, I caught the best concert I’ve ever witnessed, live and in person: the Garth Brooks Stadium Tour.

That guy, after some 30 years in the entertainment business, knows how to put on a show.

60,000+ fans crowded into Autzen Stadium to watch the legend perform – me, Lynia and Mady, my two girls and some of their friends.

The highlight for me was when 1,000 local choir singers from around the Eugene area, lead by one of Garth’s long-time back-up singers, Robert “Bob” Bailey (a U of O alum, and also an actor in Animal House filmed at U of O, he arrived two weeks early and worked with these folks) performed, “We Shall Be Free.”

Imagine 60,000 people singing along…

Even if Garth’s music and Americana aren’t necessarily yours, I promised I’d bring back some take-aways for you. Here are just a couple that transcend every business and in fact, relationships in general…there’s something here for you to take home today:

  • Appreciation & Gratitude. I can’t count how many times Garth stopped, looked around and around and threw his arms in the air and said, “Thank you!” He must’ve remarked a dozen times or more how grateful he and his band were for the fans “allowing” them their success. This doesn’t go unnoticed by fans. Or patients. When you show your appreciation and gratitude to them. I’ll take this moment now to thank you…without YOU reading this email, there’d be no reason for me to write. No reason for me to be in business. Thank you.
  • Recognition. Countless times throughout the evening, Garth recognized certain folks. In fact, he started off, running out on stage in t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes to welcome us all and to introduce his opening act, Brook Eden (who was also extraordinary). What star does that? It continued all night as he recognized his band, all of whom have been performing with Garth for over 25 years. Bailey, from Portland, OR, and Blair Masters from right here in Salem, Oregon! (Yes, right here in Salem!)
  • Promoting. Garth and his team never stop promoting. And, cross promotion for his amazing and talented wife, Trisha Yearwood, were evident all night long. Her new music video and song were on the giant Jumbotron leading up to the opening act, she had a “tailgating event” in advance to pimp her show on Food Network, and the moment you ascended the stairs, merchandise of course, was everywhere. It’s no surprise to me when Lynia, my youngest said, “Garth has a degree in advertising.” Cool!
  • Origin story re-telling. This might not be a concept you’re familiar with, but it’s one you should understand and use. Each of us has an origin story. It’s the WHY behind why we do what we do. Garth’s has been told countless times. But, he continues to tell it. Why? It connects with the audience – new fans and old fans – and reminds us all where he came from and why he’s in front of today, selling out a stadium of 60,000 fans in 2 hours, grossing nearly $6,000,000 just in ticket sales alone (and probably another $3 or $4 million in merchandise sales). You’ll get tired of telling it, but you can’t ever tell it enough. It’s about connecting with your patients and prospective patients. The more they know about you, the more likely they’ll pay, stay and refer. (Yet one more case for a patient newsletter.)
  • Made you feel special and connected with the audience with local stories. Garth’s telling of stories and talking about the local area endeared him to the audience – so he’s not viewed as an outsider, but a welcome visitor who just happens to recognize just how cool the northwest is! (Don’t tell anyone though – the traffic is bad enough!)
  • Huge amount of merchandise. I mentioned merchandise above. There’s a certain percentage of your patients who will wear yours and support you. Why not have your patients wear your brand and promote you to their family and friends? The musicians figured this out long ago. Heck, even for the Pacific NW Dental Tour, we had shirts designed (and I have to say, they are COOL!). People love things like this. I parted with $75 myself – a t-shirt for Lynia and a couple hats – one for me and one for my bro.
  • Over-delivered. Last thing…Garth overdelivered. He came out for two standing ovations. And, he kept playing and playing and playing. Solo. With his band. Solo. Band. Acoustic. Back-up. It was spectacular. And not a person among 60,000 felt like they were bilked – instead, like they came out ahead. In hindsight, and knowing this going forward, I’d have paid two or three times ticket price (and his tickets were all very reasonable, too, at $90).

There’s a lot of great business lessons here you can easily adapt to your practice and profit more than ever before.

I know I learned a few things and enjoyed myself – I certainly felt like I came out ahead, even as I sit here writing, wearing my new Garth baseball cap.

If you get a chance to catch him on the Stadium Tour, just go. It’s an unbelievable experience.

PS. I’m on tour this summer, too! Check out the Pacific Northwest Dental Tour page here: https://jerryjonesdirect.com/pnw-tour I hope to catch you this summer