I had to laugh – yesterday in my near-Christmas time mail, I received a red and white envelope from Yelp.com, an online review site + search engine.

Do you see the irony?

Google/Alphabet is in the same boat.

They sell you on how great the leverage is with online marketing, but they get you there via direct mail.

Must be working. Both cos. reportedly are continuing to use it to acquire customers.

(Important lesson here even the big boys have learned — it takes LEVERAGING ALL KINDS OF MEDIA in business to reach the maximum number of potential AND ideal prospects, customers and future patients…not just ONE. One of anything is the kiss of death in business!)

I do find the timing for Yelp’s piece to be a bit off. Not many folks brave enough (or dumb enough – not sure which) to have a piece of mail hit just a few days before Christmas.

While we mail in December, our cutoff for mail delivery is generally around the 15th of the month. In other words, we want folks have to have it in their hot little hands no later than the 15th.

I noted they’re also typical of online geeks and buy the fallacy that the less you say, the better. 266 total words in an 8-sided, 4-panel direct mail piece. And, not a single story about a client or testimonial. In direct response marketing, no matter if online or offline, the basic rule when you are communicating with a potential prospect – the more story you can share, the better. The popular saying, “the more you tell, the more you sell,” applies the majority of the time.

Of course, the argument to a 4 page, 8 page, 15 page, or, the 37 page sales pitch I read the other day is, “No one is going to read all that!”

That’s where the majority of marketers are wrong.

If your prospect is interested, you want them consuming as much of your sales message as possible as fast as possible. You want them “ready to order” without delay. At least I do.

Have I sent out 1 page letters before?

Yes, indeed I have. Lead generation letters. Often, they will be 1 or 2 pages in length, and they are designed to get someone to call for more information or schedule a free consultation.

Here at JJD, we also send out millions of direct mail pieces each year, specifically designed to generate prospective patients for dental offices. Our rule for copy/content on our giant postcards (some as large as 12”x12”)? The more we can share about an office and who they are, what they are all about and what they look like, the more calls they will receive.

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