In Minnesota, 7 dental therapists were conveyed advanced degrees — a Masters of Science: Oral Health Care Practioner.

How or will this affect your practice?

There will be two types of dental offices in the state of MN, after these 7 folks are tested and granted licenses. There will be those offices that use DT (dental therapists) and those that will not. Some may flatly refuse to even acknowledge them.

The offices that embrace

the change will grow. They can’t help but expand. Their profits will even increase. Their business, in the wake of a recession (or, perhaps it’s ongoing, we’re unsure from the leadership we have in Washington, D.C., and evidently, we can’t handle the truth because we are too busy making a living) will be re-invented, and very likely, if ran right before a DT joins the office, should see profits explode.

Sure, sometimes change is a real stinker. It means “work.” It means having to do what it takes to adapt. Yeah, it’s not comfortable. But, in this case, at least in MN, DTs are here to stay.

As a businessman, I see changes like this in industries merely bring about new, yet undiscovered opportunity. I can’t wait to hear from my MN clients how it’s working out.

For the poor, protective souls who wish they’d never heard of DTs, open your eyes and find the benefits…GROW your practice. Don’t be a fussy pants; be a pioneer.

If you’re interested in the PR spin on this, you can read the press release from the university, here.