I had a doctor tell me earlier this week he saw no need to see younger patients in his office since so much of what he does is adult dentistry and very little pedo.

This kind of narrow thinking can cost you in more than one way.

I encourage my clients to see children as often as they can. Here in Oregon, EFDAs can do the vast majority of a new patient visit, so long as adult dentition (going from memory here) is not present.

That means, the cost to get the work done is far less significant for the office. It has less of an impact on expenses.

That’s one reason. It’s really an OK reason, but it’s the the #1 reason why I’d encourage you to see children in your office (age 4 or 5 and up maybe??):

You get access to the parents.

What does that mean exactly?

While little Suzie or Johnnie is in the chair, your staff is working their magic, your entire office ought to be working mom and/or dad.

It’s an opportunity for you to offer a complimentary (free) exam and x-rays. You have no marketing cost. Just fulfillment cost and most likely, excess capacity. (That is far more costly to your bottom line than offering a free exam, isn’t it? The minutes tick away every day whether you have a butt in the op or not…it’s costing you!)

The conversation goes something like this:

“Mrs. Jones, we’re sure glad you got Suzie and Johnnie in today for their appointments. Looks like they’re both going to have a (insert results here) visit. That’s really good news.

“While you’re here, are there any areas of concern you have of your own for YOU?”

It’s a Yes or No answer, right?

If it’s No, great. If it’s a Yes, then, “Mrs. Jones, we’ve got a hole in our schedule and we’d be honored to offer you a complimentary exam and some time with the doctor to see what the trouble might be. It won’t cost you a thing and take a few minutes is all. I’ll have Ammie take you back and get things started.”

USE every opportunity given to you to serve your patients. If you blow opps like this, you’re basically making things far too hard on you and your staff, and, you’re costing yourself a ton of money.

Look around and see what you’ve got to offer. And, ASK folks how you can help!

Another example: We see a fair number of elderly patients for dentures. Generally, a family member brings them in. Well, you gotta wonder why they didn’t just go to that family member’s dentist, right? Well, would it surprise you to know that MOST of those folks don’t have a regular dentist?

You know what to do next, don’t you?

Good luck and post a response and/or feedback! Enjoy your week.