By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the deal where you give your patients the opportunity to get free whitening gel (commonly called ‘bleach’) if they do x, y or z. If you haven’t yet, you need to get out from under that rock.

(Just sayin’…)

The program has proven so popular with dental offices, that several gurus even ‘teach’ this. And, one smartly trademarked the name she uses for it.

But, just like most gimmicks, more dental offices fail at IMPLEMENTATION, than not.

They fail, usually, right out of the gate.

It’s usually due to:

–  failure of your staff to promote it to every potential patient;
–  failure of you holding your staff accountable to reach a goal (short and long-term);
–  failure in getting more than a small number of people signed up for it, thereby quickly losing interest  on your part and momentum (two killers of progress); and,
–  failure when presenting it (the easiest part of all…and NO ONE should be blowing this, but it’s as common as rain in Oregon, I guarantee you).

One failure after another means the whole program, this “great idea” you brought back, like all the other great ideas you bring back from those seminars, FAILS.


One dang failure after another.

Good news for you though: One of my ClearPath Society® Members did something about it:

This Doc from New York, a little over a year ago, approached me to craft a sales letter for him that would make it easy for his patients to buy into his whitening program.

Thousands of dollars later, he’s got a killer letter. We test mailed it to his 3,000 patients. His phones blew up and he quickly enrolled roughly 100 of his existing patients in the program, and happily accepted a quick $10,000 at the same time, making the 3,000 piece mailing and my fee irrelevant. (He charged a one-time fee of $99 for each enrollee.)

What’s more, he’s now got an evergreen piece of marketing he can roll out 2 to 3 times a year. FOREVER.

On top of that, he started with 100 or so of his best patients eager to keep their hygiene and re-care appointments, unless they want to be dropped like a hot rock from the program.

Oh, don’t forget, now these 100 or so patients from this one mailing are now contractually obligated to accept any treatment the doc offers, too (Yes, they sign off on this and it’s in writing. It might sound crazy that someone would agree to that, but then again, that’s why people rent storage units for $100s a month to keep their $20 worth of crap; REASONING often does not play well into the human psyche!).

Since the initial roll-out, he’s captured an additional hundred or more of his patients, too. Another $10,000 in revenue. Almost all profit.

What if you mailed this letter to your patient base? Would you get 10, 20, or more of your patients handing over $99 to join your program? What if YOU got 100 or 200? What if you worked it really hard and had 25% of your patients enroll?

If you have 2,000 patients, and 25% enroll, that’s $50 grand!

Here’s the thing: I’m so convinced this is such a valuable patient retention tool, I’m making it a mandatory part of my franchise. In other words, when someone buys my Wellness Springs Dental® office franchise, they’ll be bound to offer this very same program (with a few proprietary twists) to their patients.

Today, getting that letter in your hot little hands would easily run $7,500. Nope, I don’t work for peanuts.  Besides, how much will that letter be worth to ANY office over a 10-year period? TENS of thousands, that’s how much! Easily.

Unfortunately, I don’t sell this letter. And, there are only two ways you’ll ever be able to get it.

1.) When my franchise is launched, you’ll get a copy of it you’ll use; OR,
2.) You can join my ClearPath Society® today, and get it NOW.

In fact, if you were to join my ClearPath Society® for no other reason, it’d be a home run for you. Of course, just like you’ll ask your patients to keep their appointments and re-care, in order for you to continue to use the letter, you’ll need to continue your Membership. (But, if you can generate $10,000 or more with it, how many years will that cover your Membership, right?!)

But, I gotta warn you – Membership dues increase in July… So, if you’re considering joining, or, been putting it off because _____________ (insert your reason there), then I’d suggest you suspend your disbelief and point your browser mouse thingy on that computer to right now.

As soon as you register, I’ll email you the letter and you can get started. And, you’ll pay a FRACTION of what my client did over a year ago – and he did that before he knew it even worked.

You’re virtually guaranteed a nice cash flow surge, and, better-behaved patients because of it. (Hurry though. This offer is only valid in May 2014)

Get ‘er done.



P.S. I’ll give you my killer Whitening program letter my client paid over $2,000 to have me write, absolutely free. It’s put over $20,000 in his bank account (that’s traceable income – who knows how much additional treatment he’s done because of it!).  And, what’s more, I’ll also give you a copy of the agreement our patients sign. You get it ALL, when you make a decision to join ClearPath Society® today. Enroll here.

P.S. #2 Don’t let your staff or yourself call whitening gel, ‘bleach.’ No one wants a caustic, toxic, household cleaner in their mouths. So, use the consumer-friendly term. Got it?