I heard Tony Robbins say it one time on a CD years ago and it immediately set the bar higher for my own achievements:

“Why major in minor things?”

It’s like dreaming. If you’re going to dream about your future, why not dream bigger than you are right now? There is no added expense and the rewards are so much greater when you

Dream BIG!

If you think the Holy Grail of Success is 1 office, 4 days of dentistry per week and $200,000 in net income, and you’re there, what next? What DREAM will motivate you, get you off the couch on the weekends, and have you working 12 hours a day because you can’t imagine not? What DREAM will re-ignite your passion for either the business or clinical side (or both) of Dentistry?

Love him, hate him, whatever – you shouldn’t be blind to what he’s accomplished. Our President clearly doesn’t think small, ever.

I was listening to my oldest daughter, who, GASP, isn’t interested in going to college at the moment. She’s qualified, could get into any university that she applied to, has held down a part-time job the last 2 years of high school, had her first promotion and already been stolen away from that job to work where she has dreamed of working – at a local, major real estate brokerage. Last night she said, “Dad, I’m gonna own income properties in every state in the northwest. You watch.” I wouldn’t dare hold my breath, because I know if that’s her dream, she will get it done.

At a young age, she isn’t interested in dreaming small. Kids are great at dreaming big, wild, hairy audacious dreams. Adults – not so much. We’re afraid of having reality kick us in the teeth. I think that’s shameful, even deplorable, to let roadblocks of any kind keep you from your dream. Bluntly, to settle for what you have or to quit dreaming BIG is to quit living and to quit pushing your mind/body limits.

I’ve had the privilege of hanging around some pretty extraordinary people – some who are fighting for their lives, daily, yet, who regularly commit to making BIG dreams their reality. They understand when you stop dreaming and setting wild hairy goals, you stop living. Your mind will consume itself. You’ll become nothing but a mere memory of your own family for a time and not ever get the chance to positively impact a single other soul.

If you’re doing to do something, anything worth doing, do it big.

Anyone can do the small things.

To be significant in this life – someone who can impact others on a massive scale, you’ve gotta dream BIG.

If your dream is to deliver dental care to as many people as you can, in the best possible way, to impact the health of your community, you can’t do it sitting still. You can’t do it with 1 little office (or 1 big one).

You’ve gotta spread your message, your talents and GROW! Just think how many more people you can impact if your dream becomes reality!

How do you get started? Look for and recruit like-minded people who share your values, your dream(s), your desires and your work ethic – team up with them, mutually define your dreams together, map out a plan to get there, and secure the resources required along the way to get it done. Don’t let lack of resources – capital or people – deter you from dreaming and acting towards your big dreams.

And whatever you do, DO NOT stop! Be relentless.