Jerry here…

When it’s time for you to consider Jerry Jones Direct and ClearPath Society for your dental business education and patient attraction and retention strategies, it’s helpful to know why others before you have made the decision to work with us and join our growing family of ClearPath Society Members all over the US.

One of the questions I’m having my Member Ambassadors (MA) ask our new Members on their on-boarding, welcome orientation call is, “What are the top 3 reasons you decided to invest in a ClearPath Society/Jerry Jones Direct Membership?”

Today, one of our new Members from Red Bank, NJ, gave Jack, our Senior MA, this feedback:

– She wants to hire the right associate. Jack took her to the Associate Recruiting Materials at our Members’-Only Site. This is a resource I put together based on my own and other Members’ experiences in recruiting associates and partners. I use it to this day for my own new dentist recruiting.

– She has done her own marketing for all 29 years in practice. Now, she no longer has time. She was excited about her first experience with Jerry Jones Direct’s New Patient Attraction Strategies.

– She doesn’t see where she’s getting value from others she has worked with in the past — same ol’ tired message, etc. She likes what she’s seen from Jerry Jones Direct (her subscription to Dentistry Confidential, emails, etc.)

If you’re ready to take the leap and join us, you can learn more and sign up here. Or, enter in your browser.