I just read an article in the June issue of Dental Economics.

Ugh. Not good. Dentists’ net income is down.

Of course, the author, a certified smart PhD, cites the fact
that fewer people, including children, are going to the

(Sounds like a good excuse to do poorly and wallow in
misery and be broke.)

While typical with these kinds of articles, there’s diagnosis
but no action plan.

Dang I hate those.

So, let me take up where Dr. Vujicic’s article left off, ok?

(And I’m sure he’s a nice guy, I’m not hammering him.)

There are two things you MUST do to combat this nasty

And, one is counter-intuitive and will make a few folks

But, I could care less. I’m not here to make “those” folks

I’m here to help YOU make money in a very touch, very
rewarding career — if it’s managed properly.


First, raise certain fees. Not exam fees or prophy fees
necessarily. But, you need to carefully review your fees
and make sure you are at or are above the average in your
area. In fact, if you’re higher than everyone else, even

Most consultants would tell you to lower fees so more
patients will get the dentistry done they need.

Well, unless you lower them to HALF, will more get more
done? Probably not. In fact, no matter WHAT fee you charge
for a crown, in the mind’s eye of every patient you have,
it’ll STILL be too much. Right?

But, I’ll let you be the judge.

Worse, decreasing fees will speed up the rate at which you’ll go
out of business faster. But, hey, that’s just me…

Second… Increase the demand for your services.

You do that by simply increasing NEW PATIENT FLOW
by promoting your practice.

You know: Double your new patients.

And, while you’re doing that, hire an associate.

Then…Expand your hours so people can get to you
when they are not working. Add evening hours. Add a
Saturday. If you can’t work Saturdays for certain reasons,
find someone that can.

But, you MUST increase demand. And, you’ve GOT to be
aggressive with your fees.

If you are not, your practice will die an ugly, slow, painful

Ask me how I know that one.

One thing: If you attempt just raising fees while not
simultaneously increasing demand, be forewarned.

THAT can be problematic. You’ve got to do both at the
same time. OK?


If you need help generating more new patients, that’s
what we do here at JJD. And, we’d be happy to help.

Reach out and we’ll go from there.

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