I have some incredibly gifted Members and private clients. One in particular comes to mind. I won’t say where he’s from. I will say he’s one of many of my ClearPath Society Members that operate a multi-doctor, small group practice.

Most dentists could simply adapt his behavior and become more successful almost overnight. Thing is, most won’t. They’ve got a different “operating system” if you will. What’s often referred to as an “M.O.” or, modus operandi. It’s Latin for “way of operating.”

In one recent email exchange during which we’re planning his first 6 months of aggressive marketing in 2016, much like we’ve done the last 5 or 6 years, his comment about the lack of interest from others to “get their s*** together” reminded me there’s really three keys to success.

You see, this doc has his retirement date picked. It’s marked, plain as day, on a calendar. He’s got a countdown clock going. As a result, he’s focused. Nothing gets in his way and he cares not what others around him might think or react to his M.O. He has his retirement planned out and everyone else’s plans for him, be damned!

The three keys to success in this dental business we’re all in are really simple.

What’re the 3 keys? Why do most dentists die broke?

Key #1: You must have a vision.

Doesn’t matter what yours is. You just have to have one. Most dentists do not.

Key #2: You must have self-discipline to accomplish your vision.

Most, dentists again, do not.

Key #3: You must not be easily distracted or give-up.

You must posses what I call, “stick-to-it-tiveness.”

If you lack any of these, you’re screwed and here’s your future:

Drill, fill, and bill until you keel over.

I’ve seen it time and again. In 20+ years of working with 1,000s of dentists, I’ve observed docs come into dentistry, die, leave, and return. I’ve seen them sell practices and go to work for a Big Chain, losing their freedom, autonomy and self-identity. I’ve seen them beat-down, near dead.

And, I’ve seen and fortunately worked with the polar opposite: guys and gals who have it all going for them, fire in the belly, and full-steam ahead.

Thing is, that can be you; you can be different. You need not succumb to the external forces that are pushing you around. It’s a conscious decision to allow it; so make a conscious decision to give all that crap the “finger!”

I’m proud of the guys and gals we work with here at JJD. Most have a vision. And, if they don’t, we help them (force, sometimes) develop one. And, if they need and want to be held accountable, we do that, too.

The Business of Dentistry can be a lonely journey. But, it doesn’t have to be. It’s YOUR choice.