I learned this lesson early: Surround yourself with great people who’re smarter than you and have achieved what you’re hoping to.

If you hang out with folks who’re barely getting by due to poor self-esteem, unhealthy personal habits, or stinkin’ thinkin’, then you’ll find yourself held back.

Dentistry is challenging in this way. There are really intelligent dentists everywhere! But, the longer you’re in business, the more you can see that intelligence doesn’t reflect “smarts.” And, definitely not street smarts nor is “intelligence” a guarantee of happiness or success.

That’s the simple reason why too many dentists needlessly struggle. They’ve not found the right people to surround themselves to help foster positive growth. Personally or professionally.

Still others are held back because, while street smart, they’ve just not been exposed to the right opportunities.

Today, a solution to both challenges…

I’m excited to introduce you to my #1 favorite professional association in dentistry: The AADPA. AADPA stands for American Academy of Dental Practice.

If you’re seeking a group who’re focused on helping their fellow members grow and become the best image of themselves as is humanly possible, I implore you to check them out.

In fact, I’m so impressed with their organization, leadership and what they stand for, I’ve agreed to do presentations at their October 21, 2016 Regional Meeting in Parsippany, NJ (and at their National Meeting in Florida, March 2017).

To learn more about either event, just head on over to their website: http://aadpa.org.