As kids, we could throw a fit. I remember both my kids – they each threw fewer than 3 or 4 tantrums. Once they found that no matter how much they screamed or pounded fists on the ground, the only result was firm, swift discipline, they gave up.

No point in pursuing what’s not working. Might as well switch tactics, right?

Why more don’t do this in business is beyond me. Run into a brick wall, then switch up your approach. Doing the same thing won’t change the outcome. You only have a few choices: go through it, around it, over it and do nothing. Most do nothing and complain. Sort of like throwing a tantrum, adult style.

Yes, I get it; it’s not easy. Nothing worth doing is. And, were it easy being a dentist, owning your own practice(s) and being responsible for 5 to 50 or more mouths to feed (employees), the reward would be minimal.

‘Tis why fortune favors the bold. You rarely hear of some lazy, sloth-like loser striking it rich or living “the good life.” Or, for that matter, trying to become or being a dentist.

So, back to paragraph 1…When you’re not getting what you want out of your business, your employees, your customers, then it’s time to make some changes. Most of the time, we can look in the mirror and if we decide to change our own habits, there is almost immediate correlating uptick in the outcomes we do want. Most of the time, it’s us holding up traffic and progress.

If leadership, for example, is lacking in your office, someone needs to step up and take on that role. It might be the doctor or it might be someone else. There has to be a leader. If you’re the owner, it likely should be you.

Another area – new patients. If you’re down on new patient numbers, there are DOZENS of things you can do almost immediately to increase new patient flow. Oftentimes, at no cost. Think: REFERRALS. And incentives for your team to refer. Think: CONTESTS. Think: joint venture mailings with professionals who have a patient or customer base you’d like to tap. And the list goes on and on. There’s no reason to be stagnant.

Many times we are in our own way. I’ve seen it more recently than any other time in my over 20 years in Dentistry as I’ve had the opportunity to really dig deep with some Members and examine if they’d in fact be good franchise candidates. This process is lengthy. Not easy. And, may well frustrate some.

It’s been during these where I’ve heard comments which reveal why most remain platueaed — in large part because they refuse to get out of their own way. Fear keeps feet rooted in place. Fear prevents us from experienceing the next level.

Look at is this way: You’ve done what 99.9% of the world will never do. You pursued an advanced degree that when put to use, has the ability to change lives for the better nearly instantly. Few people can say that. Very few. I can’t. My magic is marketing and business creation. Yours affects the health and the lives of your patients.

My point? Be bold. Be daring. Don’t be a wall flower wondering “what” will happen. MAKE something happen. For you. For your family. For your employees.