Many of my ClearPath Society members are reporting near-record or record Junes. It’s damned exciting and encouraging in the face of everything else that is going on, particularly the current Administration’s attempts at neutering businesses (my own state of Oregon, included) and the middle income folks by predictably breaking promises made during campaigns of no new taxes.

The blur of spending as over a trillion bucks goes down the drain, mind boggling.

Nonetheless, as Silent Cal, President Calvin Coolidge, said, “The Business of America IS Business,” so plod on we must and we will, in the spirit that makes this nation so great.

So when you’re coming off a “high” like most of my clients, what do you do next?

The answer’s clear only after having botched it myself more than once: DO MORE.

Example: One client has had excellent success with FSIs recently, targeting the seniors in their area. So well in fact, they’ve started to double-up on their ads…instead of running 10,000 or 15,000 FSIs, they’re plans include, in the next 60 days, hitting the entire circulation of their local paper, multiple times in one month – that’s over 200,000 FSIs in under 30 days. I LIKE THAT.

What else do you do?

Aside from ramping up and taking advantage of every ounce of momentum great ads/marketing creates, you do two other things, at a minimum:

1) You fine-tune operations – every part – to include human capital – ditching the bad and investing in the good. Leave no stone unturned, negotiate with suppliers, landlords, create incentive and bonus plans AND, create a savings plan for the next time things get tight (as in the natural lulls of October and December, right?)

2) You PLAN and begin the execution of the next phase of growth, which in their case is, FINDING/CREATING the next ad or media or both, that will create an even greater payday, knowing for sure, the current FSI will eventually, wear itself out, as all ads tend to do.

Then, you do it all over again.

That’s the fun and adventure in business.