Systems are great.

New patients — like more than you can handle — wow, a blessing.

Great team members — thank goodness for them (we got nothin’ w/o ’em!)

But, none of these things mean a hill o’ beans without one word:


I gotta ask you: what is your purpose?

And, if you are not clear, I bet you a bajillion dollars that by finding and then revealing, sharing and working to meet your purpose, with your team, you’ll grow your business faster, easier and with a fraction of the “effort” you’ll use without knowing, sharing or having clarity of purpose.

I was reflecting on this tonight…after my crazy experience earlier today.

I’m in Phoenix attending of all things, a tech conference: ICON. It’s the annual gathering of Infusionsoft customers.

One of their keynote speakers was none other than Marcus Lemonis.

I had 3 reasons to attend and one was to meet Marcus. On the 2nd day, I found myself speaking on stage with Marcus and a cool young entrepreneur, Tamara Thompson, to identify targetted markets for Tamara to pursue  (Marcus did a killer job demonstrating the importance of knowing what business truly is — that in a future blogpost.) Tamara is the owner and CEO of Serious Take Productions.

That 15 minute process was amazing. Marcus’ advice and thoughts were transformative for both me and Tamara, and it was a real thrill to be a part of it. (Catch Marcus’ show on CNBC, The Profit and his other, The Partner. June 6th is when the new season debuts for The Profit.)

Later that night, after that experience, I realized what I thought was our purpose here at JJD was completely under-stated.

It hit me like a 2×4 alongside my head…

It’s not just dentist’s lives we impact, or their teams… it’s the hundreds and even thousands of people we/they reach each month who finally get the dental care they want or need!

Our purpose is far bigger than only helping a dentist grow his or her practice. By helping them, we bring about awareness of dental health via our ads, and are positively affecting patient’s lives, too!

Now that is really cool… And, it’s a bigger purpose. It’s more far-reaching and more impactful.

Dude/ette, what is YOUR purpose? How deep does what you do impact the ecosystem around you? Think about the impact you and your team makes. I’d be willing to bet it’s far more reaching than you first imagine.

High-Five to you…for being an entrepreneur and business owner…

**Special thanks to Everardo Keeme Photography for these great photos!