Home Grown Capitalism.

My oldest daughter is studying different ways to calculate profit and losses, goods’ costs, etc. It’s sparked her interest in what her dad does. Business. And, Marketing.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about her train of thought and the fact she’s interested in how the basic side of finance works in business.

She sent me this email last night:

Dear Mom & Dad,
I have started my first business. Toasty Warm Scarfs & Hats by: MLJ toasty. Right now you will be getting a special offer. I will send out Christmas and New Years coupons. Your first hat you order will be 50% off of $9.99, so it would be $4.99+ $.10 for shipping and handling. You can order by sending me an email by Friday of this week of what color and size you want. There are small, medium, large, and x-large. I recommend the large, it fits most heads. When you order just say the color, size, and if you have a coupon. I will wright you down for how much you owe. After I get your order I will send you a card saying how much you owe. Sales end soon, so hurry and get your orders in.

Your business marketer,

Sure, there are a few things I’d adjust, but the SPIRIT of her email is what is so exciting for her mom and I. Her mom has her own business, too, as a real estate broker, so she has this entrepreneurial thing going on everywhere around her. Some kids, not so lucky.

Anyway, what really struck me, was how she signed off: “Your business marketer,” is far advanced for an 11-year old.

You see, she gets it. She is as excited about MARKETING her business as she is in making the “Toasty Warm” scarves and hats – doing the “tech side.” She’s got a great visual for her business name, too. And, personality, to boot: MLJ Toasty. (Those are her initials. And, she likes toast – well, bread of any kind, really!)

I got this from her last night as I am sitting at my computer hammering out a marketing plan and calendar for 2011 for the various businesses I’m responsible for, including the dental office.

It was timely, reminded me of a few important points and also…gave me some material for today’s blog post.

And yeah, she needs some help with the math and S&H calculation, but we’ll get to that. There’s plenty of time and the last thing I want to do is crush her spirit… Maybe soon, she’ll have a web store where folks can buy her scarves and hats. Then, it’ll be up to her to figure out how to make it all work out. With some guidance, of course!

Who can you encourage in your life to be a “marketer?” Maybe it’s a kid like mine, a spouse, YOU?