With over 15 years in dental advertising and marketing, which includes growing my own dental offices to record collections and productions, (SofTouch™ Family Dental), my staff of 1 (Melody) and I work 1:1 with dentists to help attract new patients, reactivate inactive or “lost” patients and create office programs that foster and create loyalty to a dental office and a dentist(s) in particular.

There are many so-called “dental marketing experts” online, at seminars, etc., but only a small handful have stood the test of time. None have the experience I have operating my own dental offices, putting my money where my mouth is. Not a one.

The relationships my staff and I have forged with long-term clients speaks for itself. Most of my clients have been working with me, virtually non-stop for over 10 years. Some, since I started out over 15 years ago!

We don’t do or recommend anything for our clients that I don’t do for myself. Our direct response marketing programs build a brand and command results, simultaneously.

I’ve personally tried about every advertising promotion you can think of. I know what works and what the likelihood will be of any particular effort working for you in your particular office.

A few words of caution: If you have an unstable staff that doesn’t or won’t answer phones the right way, you lack self-confidence, or, can’t sell your way out a paper bag (high case acceptance), I’d highly encourage you to fix these things first. Then, call me. Once you have those in order, we can put together a plan for you that will truly bring you all the patients you could ever want.

To get started, contact Melody in my office at 503-339-6000 right now to schedule a personal, 1:1 private consultation at absolutely no charge. If you honestly believe after our 20 minute session, that I haven’t given you at least two super-solid, money-making, practice-changing ideas worth at least $10,000 or more to your bottom-line each month if implemented, then I’ll PAY YOU $100 for your time. How much more fair could I be?

Call now: 503-339-6000.