Yesterday, I wrote you about Google slaps and how they’re bad for you, and, how most dentists may not even know their site is engaged in such under-handed promotion techniques.

And, when Google finds out your site IS doing what they deem to be “black hat” SEO tactics, they effectively black ball your site, putting it so far back in the search rankings, not even the neighborhood geek will be able to find it.

Today, I’ll share with you my secret strategy for avoiding the SLAP, while keeping my organic rankings of my dental office site, on the front page, even appearing more than once, in organic and PAID listings.

It’s the ultimate accomplishment in interweb marketing… And I reap the rewards every week, easily harvesting 5 to 10 new patients weekly, from the efforts of my White Hat Spy.

My secret weapon not only can solve your Black Hat SEO – Slapped-by-Google problems, he can also do for you what he’s done for me.

But, I’ll be fair and let you know…he DID tell me he’s making some dramatic changes to his existing services, and as he does, his price is going up. And not just a little bit either…

(HERE’S WHY: It seems that every new client he’s taken on lately has had some Black Hat/Google Slap problems, and it’s time-consuming and costly for him to continue to fix these even before he spends a minute actually helping you get patients – first, he’s got to repair your bad relationship with Google – and that takes time and energy.)

So…if you’re not currently getting 5 to 10 new patients every week from your website, you’re your site has been given the Death Kiss by Google and slapped back in organic listings, costing you tens of thousands in lost opportunity, here’s what you need to do next:

My very own interwebs geek, the Internet Omnipotent, Matt Prados, has agreed to spend a few minutes with you to see if in fact, you’d be a good fit for his service, and of course, visee versa.

Like I said, he keeps my dental office on page 1 (in more areas than just ONE), he avoids using Black Hat SEO crap like the plague, and the best part, he keeps me from having to worry or even THINK about the interwebs…

All I know is we get 5 to 10 new pts every week. (I get to ignore the hundreds of crappy pitches I get every week from every crappy interweb “expert” out there since I know Matt is light years ahead of ALL of them! And, the results PROVE it.)

He’s not cheap. However, for what he does and the results he gets me, he’s INCREDIBLY affordable (don’t tell him I said that – I don’t want him raising MY fee!).

Get on his schedule now, before he goes all caffeinated on me and raises prices to offset all the Black Hat fixin’ he’s got to do.

Here’s his scheduling page:



PS. Matt’s a straight-shooter. He’s versed in marketing AND business. And, he’s just a damn good guy that will tell you upfront if he is a good fit for you or not. He will not waste your time.

Schedule here: