What IS Good Advertising?

Great question – and one I recently received from a new ClearPath Member.

To me, “good advertising” isn’t just a great ad that generates positive response and positive ROI (although I’m OK with that); it also accomplishes:

1) A reaction not just at the physical level, where someone picks up the phone or visits your website and buys – although perfect if they do, but really good advertising does this at an almost visceral level – it should even invoke a reaction inside your prospect’s “gut” and let’s them know they’ll not be whole until they experience that which your ad has presented;

2) Tears at your prospect’s greed gland (we’ve all got ’em and it IS the place where ya got to him folks) and compels movement and virtually forces the prospect to take the next step the ad requests;

3) Is purposefully memorable – your prospect won’t soon forget it or the benefits your ad promises;

4) Creates compelling pictures and images of the prospect with words and graphics; and,

5) Allows your prospect to “see” themselves living with the benefits your ad promises.

There are other qualities that make an ad “good,” this by no means being an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. If your ads are pulling this off while generating sales and a positive ROI, you’re on the right track.