Dental associations are all over. There are more than you and I can count together on our fingers and toes.

Just for fun, I googled, “Dental Associations” and was served up 1,880,000 page results. I lost interest, as do most, after the first page.

Every state has one, many counties even have them (study clubs), all of the “disciplines” in dentistry has one or more and they seem to pop up all the time for some reason or another. There are easily over 100 of some stripe or another.

Most offer “affiliation” and some feel good benefit. Most wear out their welcome with dentists after a short period of time. Still others are chock full of political BS and quickly lose membership and sight of their vision and mission.

The oldest association of course is the ADA. I don’t know what the second oldest association is, but there are few if any that have been around as long as my favorite Association.

My favorite is the AADPA. And, today, I’m encouraging you to look into it.


The AADPA, since its founding in 1957, has been 100% focused on what the vast majority of associations ignore: practice management.

After all, not much dentistry can be done in private practice without a properly managed practice. I think you’d agree, eh?

My friend and Silver Member, Dr. Alan Rauchberg has been an incredible proponent of the AADPA. It’s he who got me interested in what they do – and how they do it. Alan is also this year’s AADPA President.

But, don’t just take my word for it.

If you’re looking for a “home…” a place where you belong and with a group of positive, like-minded dentists and their teams focused on practice management, one with a history that stretches back all the way to 1957, one where you don’t have to be all by yourself in practice, with people who CARE about your success, I want you to check out the AADPA.

In the last month or so, I’ve recorded 3 webinars and I’d like to make sure you have access to all of them. Each offers something a little different, yet, each gives you a taste of what Membership is like.

They’re not terribly long videos. They are, however, extremely informative and I have no doubt you’ll pick up a gem or two (or more) from each one.

Here are links to the videos (and, there are audios, too, so you can stream them at our convenience if you choose to listen vs. watch!):

Me with Dr. Alan Rauchberg and Dr. Phil Strevey, on the benefits of AADPA Membership:

Me with Mr. Ty Bennett – one of the 2017 AADPA National Meeting Speakers (don’t miss this – Ty is absolutely incredible!):

Me with Mr. Blair Kolkoski – again, one of the 2017 AADPA National Meeting Speakers – you’ll enjoy this opportunity to learn from one of the brightest minds in “people” and leadership development:

I hope you enjoy and profit from these 3 webinars and their accompany audios (easy for audio streaming).

And, when you’re ready, be sure you look into the AADPA. There’s never been an organization more deserving of you than it and it of you.

More info at

PS. I’m speaking at the AADPA Regional Meeting on October 21st in Parsippany, NJ. More info is attached or available here. Join us, won’t you? It’s going to be an incredible day!