We get one question a lot here at Jerry Jones Direct:

“Why is your marketing so much different yet far more effective than other co’s out there in the dentalsphere?”

Bluntly, it’s different for the simple reason that it’s more effective.

“But…why is it more effective? Inquiring minds want to know…tell me, Jerry!”

“Ah, patience Grasshopper…”

While we’ve had over a decade of established test results showing our marketing’s kick-a** high response rates vs. more modern approaches, never have we had an actual scientific explanation until now….

Yesterday I had the privilege to interview Dr. Brian DesRoches, a Seattle, WA-based expert psychotherapist (hold the jokes, we all need one in our lives!) and leading researcher in the area of psychoneurobiology for my Dentistry Confidential Business of Dentistry Audio Series.

(I challenge you to say “psychoneurobiology” 10 times or type it out in under a minute!)

Check this out: In a few days, I’ll be posting a brief clip from this most fascinating interview at this blog and I’ll let you know when it’s up and available for free listenin’.

During this short clip, Dr. Brian explains exactly WHAT psychoneurobiology is and why JJD marketing works so well where modern dental marketing falls flat. I can’t wait to share it with you.

(The entire hour-long interview with the doc will be available in October 2017 to subscribers of Dentistry Confidential®; subscribe now to make sure you get it — it’s cheap, Bro; just $19.95 per month for the monthly audio on the Business of Dentistry. Head on over to http://dentistryconfidential.com to learn more.)

…Finally, an explanation why JJD dental marketing outshines an industry chock full of “sameness” which allows you to stand out and be seen…and get response!

Don’t miss this. It’ll be up soon. And, you’ll be the first to know.

More to come on this fascinating scientific explanation.