Most Internet marketing is totally and utterly worthless.  Like you, I’ve invested in time- and money-sucking new patient Internet schemes that didn’t amount to squat – not even a fraction of what the “guru” promised.

Yet, Internet/online marketing seems to be all the rage these days, while the vast majority of docs continue to get hosed with false promises and literally wasting untold thousands of dollars.

You can’t open up a dental trade rag (aka journal) and not see an article about social media, website optimization and so on. The “experts” touting how “simple” it is. If it was so effective and simple, WHY are they writing articles in magazines (printed matter) to tell us?! Why not just “tweet” and put up a web page that we’ll all just go to?

Just like the 800# online gorilla, Google; even they use direct mail to reach new customers.

Incongruence at its best.

There are tons of pseudo-experts out there making all sorts of outrageous and ridiculous claims they’ve not a prayer in backing up. I know. I’ve dealt with a few of them, who just could never deliver patients to my office (Wellness Springs Dental)…not even the big guns.

When it comes time to harvest new patients that are in fact searching for a dentist online, and because the Internets is the wild west (Still – yes, still. It changes daily!) of marketing, where virtually no one knows if what’s working today will work tomorrow. It’s part cess pool, part con artist and part promised land of new patients all rolled into one.

And, if all you’ve done is employed Obama’s strategy of “HOPE” for online marketing, and merely had your “web guy set it and forget it,” I can guarantee literally hundreds of potential patients are surfing right over your site and never a once taking notice of it.

Here’s the ugly truth most would rather you didn’t know: Unless your website provider is active and cutting-edge, engaged in the day-to-day changes of this crazy world, PLUS employing them on your site as they develop, you and your website are virtually invisible. Which means, you’re wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually, and, losing patients to someone like…me, to the tune of $1500 a pop.

A couple years ago, I made a daring change. I threw away my website and put my entire online marketing strategy into the hands of what I call a black ops Internets marketing geek from southern California. His marketing and healthcare business background were impressive (he comes from one of the largest families of doctors in all of California). His clients’ claims, well, let’s just say I figured they had to be over-stated. But, as I got to know him after spending nearly 2 full weeks with him over a year, I realized he just let his work speak for itself. (I am sloooow to trust, you see.)

So, I suspended my disbelief and doubt and let him run with it. After all, my current site was netting me ZERO patients every month. And, being an “offline” marketing guy, I wanted nothing to do with the Internets side of things – so I let him take it and run.

And, run he did.

Today, we average 5 new patients every week from the Internets. And, those patients are the kind of folks you want littering your reception area, stuck in chairs 2 deep, stacked like cordwood.


Because they’ve done the hardest thing there is to do for a dental consumer: they admitted they had a problem and began an active search to address and fix it. They are highly motivated to change their state!

They chose YOU.

If you’d like to change the look of your appointment book and add more new patients to your office, without hassle, and, with a proven online marketing program, go here now.

I’ll guarantee your satisfaction. That’s how confident I am that you can succeed and get more new patients from the online wild west… Go here now. Or, enter this website URL in your browser (copy and paste):


** Make sure your website has a page for:

– staff pics and bios

– doctor pics and bios

And, be sure you post new articles and information often and update it! If you have patient testimonials, which you should, make those accessible and prominent, too! Nothing you say, write or photograph holds the kind of weight like a 3rd party endorsement!