Are you running ads in the local paper in hopes of getting new patients?

Are you considering ads in the local paper?

If not, you should be. If you are, I can almost guarantee you can INCREASE the numbers of new patients your ad attracts. More on that in a minute.

A couple times each month, I’m running at least a 1/2 page ad and in some cases, when the opportunity arises, I’ll run full page ads.

Every time we run our ads, we’re getting a minimum 4:1 ROI in the first 30 days.

There are a couple of reasons why (not an exhaustive list):

1) the paper reaches 40,000+ readers
2) people READ the paper
3) the demographic of the people reading is our intended target (they are educated presumably, beyond age 30 for the most part, and, most importantly, they have money or insurance – I LOVE insurance pts!)
4) the results are next-day. I send an ad over, it gets printed the next day and we get calls
5) the patients are trackable – I can tell down to the penny, how much they cost us to acquire and what our ROI is at different phases
6) I can choose where my ad goes inside the paper (most of the time, unless I’m running remnant space ads)

Most dentists are turning exclusively to the Internet. Not that you can’t get pts there, because you can and my office does – to the tune of 3 to 5 each week. (See my friend James @ EMC Dental. Go here to learn more:

But, in the process of moving 100% of their marketing efforts online, they are ignoring, at great cost, a highly profitable segment of the population.

It’s exactly why I run my targeted denture FSI (free standing insert) in the regional Northwest Senior Boomer News. We kill it. Every month, we’re doing more dentures than most denturists in town and it’s mostly because we’ve found the perfect message/market/media match. (If you want to do more dentures and implants, watch this site for more information on my upcoming Area-Exclusive Licensing Program for these two ads and several others.)

If you’re not using newspapers, you’re missing a potentially large source of new patients… If you want help exploiting the power and pent-up demand in your local newspaper, contact my office and schedule a 20-minute 1:1 consultation.