I was in Dallas, Texas recently. Fun trip. Productive, too.

At the event I attended, one of the speakers was extolling the virtues of time management.

(If you don’t have MY Time Management & Peak Productivity System, you can get it here, FREE* for a few more weeks, or by calling my office: 503-339-6000.)

I didn’t ask what kind of computer she used.

If I had, bets are, it would have been a PC. Too bad.

The time it takes a PC to boot-up alone, can cost you 2 or 3 minutes. Then, every time you close it, you HOPE and pray it turns back on when you open it again.

Right there, that’s taking about 20 extra life-sucking minutes of your productive time every single day.

Swtich to a Mac (Apple.com), and you’ll get those 20 minutes back. And then some.

What’s more, you’ll LOVE how easy they are to use.

Faults? Can’t find any. And, I’ve been a PC –> Mac convert for almost 4 years. Not one time have I ever even looked back.

My life has actually been less frustrating, more interesting, easier, less stressful, and I can get a lot more done.

The only time my Mac gets mad is when I make it run Microsoft programs (Sorry, Bill!).

If you want to actually free up some time in your life, invest in a Mac. You won’t go back.

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