My last post, “What’s Jerry Mailing Now?” received a lot of traffic. More so than any post in the recent 6 months.

Most of it: organic traffic. Which means, MOST of the folks viewing it came from all over and from search engines or from referrals – viral-type referrals. One guy reads it and then lets his buddy know about it. Good ol’ fashioned referrals.


We used four new/unique/modified pieces in April. ALL FOUR kicked butt. None has performed at less than 4:1 ROI on the immediate return. That means for every dollar spent in advertising, $4 is coming back.

That’s a good exchange of funds. Almost like shopping and traveling in Canada 10 or 15 years ago ☺.

Let me tell you a bit about the pieces.

Two were FSIs, or free standing inserts, stuck into a newspaper of some kind. On both accounts, we’ll be in those same media this coming month. Both kicked butt, so might as well RINSE AND REPEAT, right?

One of the inserts was specific to a procedure and fit the “demo” of the market reading/getting the newspaper. (It’s even a FREE paper, too.) It was promoting dentures. (Thanks to Dr. Jack Wightman in Sioux Falls, a long-time client and charter ClearPath® Society member for the inspiration.) So far, we’re looking at a 10:1 ROI. And, the month is young. The offer doesn’t expire until the end of May or so…

Another insert was stuck into a small-town paper just east of Salem. No dentists out there. Good place to fish, right? Yep. On 2300 inserts, we booked four new patients. Immediate break-even. But, Angie tells me we’ve another few grand of treatment already on the books. So…4:1 is likely right out of the gate. Who knows what long-term value they’ll hold.

The other two pieces, I’ll discuss in the next post. One was totally experimental and played on “tax day,” April 15th.

Adios…Check back soon.