Generating high numbers of new patients in any market is a challenge. Add in a tough economy, add to that, an economy that has negative job growth, and, an MSA (metropolitan statistical area) with -8.26% population growth, and you just add to the level of difficulty.

The icing on this cake: about 900 dentists in the MSA (Buffalo, Kenmore, etc.). So it’s stiff competition, too.

About 45 days ago, a ClearPath Society Member and private client in Kenmore, NY, asked me to create a direct mail piece to increase their new patient flow. New patient numbers had dropped and they were looking for a boost for this 3-doctor practice.

Their first drop of 5,000 postcards yielded 29 unique calls to their office. New patient numbers have not quite been finalized, but this response rate should provide a solid return on investment.

Here’s a chart showing the calls, length of, etc.:

The next drop of 5,000 postcards hit Monday, July 11th. So far, the second drop of 5,000 postcards has already drummed up another 17 unique calls. Here’s the report for this month:


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