I’m experimenting right now with an unusual and unrelated free gift with purchase, sometimes known as a “freemium,” at my dental office.

wsd tote

I mention it here because this is an often underused and not-well-thought-out strategy. In this case, it’s the beach “tote” you see here. It’s a very high quality, heavy cloth tote which most women would enjoy having since I’ve yet to meet a woman who has enough purses or shoes. And, since it’s branded, we get staying power for my dental office (it’s a way to “buy” real estate in your patient’s homes!). We’re offering it free with our already-discounted new patient exam. Why consider something like this, an un-related-to-dentistry premium? While it isn’t exciting to perhaps you or I, I’d point out:

1.) We’re not my avatar new Guest (patient);
2.) I’m not and perhaps you’re not a woman; and finally,
3.) Unless you test, how will you know!?

The jury’s out, and we’ll see what the results look like in the coming weeks.

The question you should be asking is: How can I use and what can I use that makes sense, for an unrelated free gift with purchase in my business for various entry points new customers might use.