aadpa video clipA few years back, I was introduced to what I believe is the world’s #1 practice management association.

I was conducting a mastermind meeting and one of my Members approached me after and began to tell me about this amazing group he was part of which consisted of dentists and other dental industry thought leaders.

At that time, I had 18 years in Dentistry and never one time heard of it. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t looking. Maybe it’s because they are an intentionally small group. Who knows!

Regardless, I listened carefully and soon realized every dentist I know should be part of this group.

I’m talking about the AADPA, or, the American Academy of Dental Practice. If you’ve never heard of them, don’t feel bad.

I hadn’t either. And if not for their current President, I might still be in the dark!

But, here’s the thing: Had you known about them years ago, you may well be in a completely different situation than you are right now. It could be far more advanced…far better than you could even imagine!

But don’t worry. There’s still time. And, today, you can meet not just one of the Members of this “hidden” dental practice management association, you can meet the current President, Dr. Alan Rauchberg.

In the video below, I moderated a live webinar with Dr. Rauchberg and AADPA Member, Dr. Phil Strevey. Both have successful practices and they can attribute much of what they’ve accomplished to their Membership in the AADPA.

Watch the video to learn more about the AADPA and how it might affect your life on a personal and business level.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/x3uVH1RgrXQ” width=”640″]

If you’ d prefer an audio-only link, you can listen in, here:


During that time, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What attracts Dentists to the AADPA
  • How Membership impacts personal and business growth
  • Surprising, hidden benefits of membership
  • How these two Members’ philosophy about business and dentistry has changed since exposure to the AADPA
  • How the AADPA is radically different from other “associations”
  • What a younger dentist can expect from Membership
  • What a more mature dentist can expect from Membership
  • What challenges Membership eliminates
  • How the fellowship aspect of the AADPA has played into their lives
  • Who’s right for Membership and who is not
  • And much more!

Once you complete the video, head on over to their website, AADPA.org, and check out their organization. I’d highly recommend you register for one of their upcoming regional or national meetings as a Guest.

You won’t be sorry.