This past Friday, I watched my oldest daughter compete in a region-wide track and field meet. Aside from being cold, windy and rainy, I had a blast watching her finish 1st two different times, 2nd two different times and in another event, I’m not sure where she placed; but I think it might have been 3rd.

Here she is running the hurdles, where she placed first. She’s in the gray sweatshirt (Imagine if she’d have ran in her t-shirt instead! She might’ve picked up an extra length!)

About half-way through the day, my cell phone rang. It was a friend and private client of mine, a dentist in Kansas.

He was calling to let me know the ad I’d created, which was slated to run for his newest and coolest dental patient gadget, the Itero® System, needed to be put off for a few weeks.

You see, in the process of helping out a stranded motorist in front of his office, he pulled some muscles off his bicep. Ouch. And this is a guy that works out 4 times a week, and is no slouch in the gym – even for guys half his age.

Obviously, a bad scenario. Not for me. The ad can run anytime. But, for my friend, he’s going to be recovering for a while.

What do you do if this happens to you?