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Jerry A. Jones, CEO
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Hello Doctor, my name is Jerry Jones…

I’m a former multi-location, multi-doctor practice owner of 15 years (yet, I’m not a dentist) and since 1996, through my company, Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) my team and I have trained and coached thousands of dentists to help them build their ideal lifestyle while increasing their net income.

We do things differently here at Jerry Jones Direct. For example:

Our relationship doesn’t start with YOU writing a check.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. You see, I’m prepared to make a $293 investment in you. Right now.

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I believe so deeply in what we do here at JJD and the results we’re able to achieve for our Members, that I’ll write a check to get this free gift in your hands!

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Who’s this free gift for?

Dentists, ONLY, who are sick and tired of all the lies, misdirection, subterfuge and unrelenting sales pitches with no concern about you, your goals or what you even want?

I know… with all the noise and false promises by so-called “overnight successes” – like…

  • Totally inexperienced millennials who’d rather sell YOU their B.S “borrowed” from someone else… OR,
  • “Success merchants” running big ads in the big trade journals (you know who), etc.
…it has become nearly impossible to discern what truths exist and actually work to grow a practice!

I get it. I saw it daily during my time as a practice owner, and frankly, it’s a shame – disgusting even. And, like you, I get the very same journals and nonsensical emails, and appeals from needy dental consultants, coaches and so-called “experts” desperate for your money.

So, Doctor…I’m prepared to make a $293 investment in you. Are you prepared to receive it?

End the madness – and get CLEAR on what you really want from life and your practice!

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Jerry A. Jones, CEO

All About Your FREE $293 Gift!

Here’re the details of Jerry’s $293 FREE GIFT which he’ll deliver direct to you, via First Class US Mail, as an incredibly generous “Thank you!” for subscribing to his daily email missives crafted just for elite Profit Insiders™:

Just for taking action now, you’ll receive a hard copy of Jerry’s latest $199/issue Members’-Only Monthly Newsletter, The Practice Profit Insider™.

Inside this veritable weekend seminar-in-print, you’ll discover:
  • What’s working right now to attract new patients (Jerry’s team invests hundreds of thousands of dollars annually testing)
  • Proven, simple and effective referral strategies to double or triple pt referrals
  • Solid, reliable, irrefutable practice management fundamentals to increase your net income
  • How to improve your leaderships skills, and much more!

He’s not done!

ACT NOW and you’ll also receive, as a free welcome gift to Jerry’s Daily Email, his newest and most invaluable report he’s ever written, Profit Insight®, where inside, he reveals the BIGGEST discovery he’s ever made in marketing – the secret to attracting all the new patients you could ever imagine based on his 20+ years’ experience in practice marketing and coaching, and, 15 years of owning his own “from-scratch” practice he sold in 2018 for a huge profit!

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also receive the latest edition of The State of Dentistry®, written by Jerry, featuring snippets of his in-depth and personal interviews with ten of dentistry’s other top opinion and thought leaders, clinicians, and more! This latest edition reveals:

  • The impact Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) are having on the Independent Dentist and the future of these organizations
  • The impact Dental Insurance (Ins) is having on the Independent Dentist and what the future may hold
  • The changing “face” of the Independent Dentist and the potential impacts on the future of solo practice
  • The evolution of the dental consumer
  • The US in general and the Dental market economic outlooks, and more

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WARNING: This information is for independent, solo practice or small group practice owners/principles only, with no exception. A significant investment in both time and money is made by Jerry Jones Direct to fulfill a request. Each and every submission is thoroughly vetted by Jerry’s Practice Marketing Consultants to ensure this information does not fall into the wrong hands. Note: If you are not currently a practice owner and a dentist with no less than 5 years of ownership experience residing in the United States, your submission will be rejected. 

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