WARNING: Harsh message for weak souls to follow

Experts, business pundits, consultants, and broke entrepreneurs everywhere erroneously believe that success in business (and life) is about what you know. Oftentimes, I’ll hear it’s about who you know.

On both accounts they’re sorely mistaken.

Although, knowing the right people is helpful, make no mistake, but if you know the “right” person but fail in THIS area, you’re still not going to be where you think you deserve to be.

In fact, if you have someone telling you success will always be elusive unless you meet the right person or “learn the right skill,” they’re blowin’ smoke up yer arse.

You see, I can trace every single successful person’s “success” to one single thing if you will.

This “thing” is…


Yes, action. If you don’t take action, if you don’t get off your fat lazy ass, you’ll never be a success, you’ll never get that product launched, that advertising piece out the door, “find” that elusive excellent employee, or, win that big account (or, sell that GIANT case, repeatedly, to different patients).

A mentor of mine said it best with a set of cufflinks he received as a gift from his dad (if I recall the story properly). On each one was engraved: YCDBSOYA

Translated, it means, “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Ass.”

And that my dear Blog reader, is something you can take to the bank. Or, as my Indian friend would say, “Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.”