Having a team that is cohesive and on the same page as you is invaluable. In fact, it can be the most powerful force you experience in business.

If they are against you, or, even what you are trying to accomplish, they will destroy, undermine, and pretty much do anything they can to stop the action. I’ve seen it in action. And, I’ve heard it (just today in fact, listening to a phone call recording of a new pt calling into an office).

The secret to harnessing this power is getting your team on the same page as you and giving them ‘reasons why,’ that mean something to them. To go all esoteric on ya, “It’s about painting a clear picture. And, letting those around you help shape the image you have in mind so they too can see it.”

A good leader understands that. And, they can easily, after mastering it, move that tremendous force in the direction they wish, for the good of their business (i.e. the future of jobs, too!).

If you don’t understand it, or, worse, try to ignore it, then, like a classroom full of 6-year olds and an inexperienced substitute teacher, or, a river chock full of piranhas, they will shred you and leave nothing but a bloody stump. And, I’ve seen 6-year olds even finish that off.

So what do you do to change the behavior? I share just that with my ClearPath Members! But, know this: If your team is countering every movement you make, it’s because they are not “getting it” – that which you have in your head – which oughta be shared with them so they too can envision the how, why and when behind your own movements.

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