Over the years, I’ve had a number of coaches and consultants work with me. Probably not unlike you in your practice. When I’ve engaged their services, I have always seen an uptick in my productivity/output which impacts an increase in income, which is just part of the intended results I’m looking for. Apart from income, I’ve hired coaches to finds ways to lower my stress, improve work flows in my company, and have a better engaged, more effective and efficient team. I learned long ago I can’t do it all on my own and when I insist I can, I don’t get anywhere near the outcome I hope for. Early lesson: An outside 3rd party keeping me and my team on track and accountable is huge!

I asked a number of our Members and a Coach of my own, what they see as value in a consulting or coaching relationship and here’s what they said:

1. It’s impossible to know what we don’t know. A coach exposes what we don’t know.
2. Oftentimes a coach has a level of expertise in a given area we do not. By hiring one, we buy that level of expertise we simply don’t have time to acquire, and in comes cases, an argument can be made, we shouldn’t acquire! In other words, it’s not to our benefit to detract us from our unique ability.
3. Coaches provide training to us and our teams that we can’t get anywhere else. Coaches have a different level of impact on a team than does an owner. They can often penetrate stubbornness an owner cannot, to include the owner’s own!
4. A coach is great for verifying what we know or pointing out what we don’t know. We’re so close to what we do, we often can’t see the obvious, or, have learned to ignore it at our own peril.
5. A coach can provide a level of credibility we may not have on our own. Borrowing credibility is a really fast way to get from point A to B. We had a discussion at the last Mastermind meeting on how to circumvent the MDs in the sleep process. I have a pretty simple solution: Buy a retired MD to read and Rx! They work for cheap and it’s easy work. And, that MD can end up coaching you on the medicine side of things and become a real ally in your pursuit to do more sleep.
6. Coaches and consultants can also be a tool to help you access what is not accessible to you now. They can open doors and create relationships you’ll never get to on your own.
7. To use as an excuse in up-leveling your employee base. If you have some turds on your team that should go, a coach or consultant can help you get rid of them and free up their future while keeping you in the good graces of the employee. Geez…never used that one before.
8. Who we are affiliated with or known to associate with can have an impact on our image in the business community. A great coach or consultant can help with that. They literally can help raise our image and ultimately, our brand.
9. A coach can also satisfy outside influences. If you have a team of people who are not getting along, a coach might be the answer to unite the team. They can also help reduce anxiety an investor in your practice might feel from you being alone and responsible for 100% of the game.

If you don’t have a coach or you’re not happy with the consultant you have, go to https://jerryjonesdirect.com/get-started-here and schedule your free Discovery Session with JJD’s Coach and Consultant, Lisa Mellick. There’s no charge and no obligation.