I’m excited to announce the release of the 2016 UPDATE for my now 3rd edition of The State of Dentistry.

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Inside, I dive deep into two of the major challenges dentists are facing now and will continue to in the coming years. Plus, I have asked a Guest Author, Matt Prados, to provide an update on The State of Dentistry: Internet Marketing. You’ll find this entire report packed with information and strategies to steel yourself and your practice against the changes coming in Dentistry.

If you missed the first two editions, while they are no longer in-print, I spent a page or so reviewing the 2014 and 2015 versions of The State of Dentistry®.

Unlike the first two editions, I’ll be releasing this one in PDF and printed hard copy, both. You’ll be able to choose your format provided you request a hard copy before the initial printing of 500 are scooped up.

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Friends or colleagues interested? Be sure to send them to www.TheStateOfDentistry.com to learn more and claim their own copy.