Just a day or two ago, I recorded an update to the State of Dental Internet Marketing with my #1 interwebs geek and Ninja Webs Master, Matt Prados with GotchaLocal.com.

Matt’s an anomaly and TITAN in a field crowded with so-called Gurus who have yet to demonstrate real value when it comes to herding up new patients from the interwebs. The vast majority are all talk.

This video will demonstrate where and why Matt excels in helping dentists get more new patients from the ever-evolving web.

And, it’s only about 42 mins. You can catch it all here:

Let me know your thoughts below!

And, stay tuned…I’ll be releasing the all-new and trademark-protected, The State of Dentistry, 2017!

PS. Matt also reveals a very generous offer for his new service, ReviewWave.com. Check it out now! Just click on FREE TRIAL.