Summer can be a slow time for dental offices. And, with Spring arriving just a few days ago, that tells me it’s time to ramp up production for the coming months.

This past Saturday, I set down and plotted out my marketing for the coming months.

I do this every December, for the year, but, as you know, plans always change and so long as I can adapt to the changes, success is just a postcard or FSI away.

Here’s what I have lined up for the next 30 days:

– 10,000 postcards (the “Ovals” postcard you’ve probably read about) mailed in batches of 5,000, 2 weeks apart, starting Friday, April 1. $3900

– 45,000 FSIs, in the local newspaper, April 20th (or 27th, not sure). $1350

– Monthly patient newsletter (goes to well over 600) $882

– 1 full page ad (remnant space) $1000 (EMC Dental’s newest online pt snaggin’ program) $699

– Free press. Yes, we’ll come up with some cool free press deal that oughta generate 10 to 15 new pts at zero cost.

So, I’m looking at spending $7831 in April, just on marketing alone. I know most offices are lucky to spend a fraction of that, but, that expense is what drives growth. And, we’re growing, not shrinking. I know for fact we’ll be well beyond a 2:1 ROI within 30 days. The ROI will jump on those expenses again at 60 days. Likely 3 or 4:1 or better.

What’s your plan for April?



The dog days are coming; the best defense against rising overhead and plummeting insurance reimbursements is a super strong offense i.e. marketing and advertising! If you’d like to schedule a no-cost consultation with me, 20 minutes or so, just call my office: 503-339-6000.