Such a basic thought, right? I mean, what is the point of a new patient offer?

Bluntly, it’s to secure an opportunity to meet, greet, build trust and diagnose. Nothing more.

The goal of the first appointment is simple: schedule a 2nd.

Guess what the goal of the 2nd appointment is?

Yes! It’s to schedule the 3rd.

And so on.

In business, no matter what that business is, the end goal of the first transaction is to get a customer. NOT to just make a sale; but to acquire a customer that will pay, stay and refer.

Most in dentistry have it all wrong. They erroneously believe the goal of that first appointment is to sell an implant. Ortho. Or, sleep appliance. And, they want to short-cut every way possible to get to that point.

I got news for ya, Bub…that’s the worst possible way to look at business! It’s NOT about making a sale!

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

In all reality, the first appointment is all about your opportunity to create a lifetime of continuous appointments!

You see, the first appointment’s purpose or goal is to get a customer (for life) and PROVE to them beyond a shadow of doubt they made the right choice. It’s to begin to build a long-term relationship viewed by the Guest as beneficial to them.

It’s not to show them how brilliant you are or how great of a clinician you are. They assume that already or you wouldn’t have your degree and be practicing! What they are really looking for is, will you be the one – their “guy” or gal – they can trust with their own health and that of their loved ones.

It’s not about you! EVER!

And, if the appointment ends up being about you, or you judging them, or you telling them how great you are…that’ll be, and rightfully so, the last time you see ‘em!

So, ask yourself: what am I doing and what is my team doing before, during and after the first appointment to build trust and create a long-term relationship so I become their “guy” (or gal)?