As a business owner, you have a few simple decisions to make every day: Will you be a high output person or low? Will you be decisive or do nothing? Will you delay or get it done now?

Making the wrong choice hampers your progress and can get your rear-end in a sling. Those are painful, easy to remember moments, aren’t they?

Sometimes, just like you, I find myself in this position. I can be too quick to decide or not quick enough. I’m quick to get work done and sometimes, it’s rare, but sometimes, really muck things up from moving too quickly.

Some marvel at what I get done in a day and others probably think I have more help than I do to get what I get done. All I know is I milk every hour out of every day that’s not dedicated to downtime. Every minute counts.

And the unspoken question some have is, “What do you do when you miss a delivery date, a deadline, or, completely space doing what you’ve promised and upset a client because you’re so busy?”

I’ll admit: it does happen. Functioning at a high level of implementation/output and working with a team of folks here at JJD that are also high-output individuals, we occasionally scrape our face on concrete. These are embarrassing moments, usually a result of a “lot” going on, and, taking eyes off the ball.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t forgive the errors and it doesn’t make our Members feel any better when they’re part of that toe-stubbin’ on that piece of sidewalk lip that’s lifted ever so slightly. Instead, we go to work to fix the issues, and, put a fail-safe in place to avoid it in the future. And, we do what I’ve always promised; we make sure if there is an error, that our Members come out even better than if there had never been one. So, while there might be some temporary annoyance and discomfort, the end result should be stellar.

How do you handle things like this in your practice? Do you just fix it? Do you just refund the patient? Or, do you go to work to win an Ambassador? Do you turn lemons into lemonade? Does it become a teaching moment or one you wish to distance yourself from ASAP?

Do you find yourself stretched too thin? Or, maybe bored and getting into trouble because of it? It’s a fine balance and one that takes a lifetime to perfect.

All I know is there’s time enough to sleep when I’m dead. Meanwhile, I’ll get everything I can out of all I got (credit to Jay Abraham).