You’ve probably heard this before: What someone else has to say about YOU and YOUR services is hundreds of times more powerful than anything YOU can say about YOU.

If that’s true (which I believe it is, 100%), then your mission, this week, should you wish to accept it, is to create as many opportunities as possible for others to speak highly of your skills and what you do for others.


– hire someone to write articles, blog posts or, even a book about you.
– ask your patients (have your staff do this for you) to write down their thoughts and how pleased they are with their visit.
– in every ad, include one, preferably two, three or more testimonials (include photos, too) from people who rave about your services.
– in your patient pre-approach package, include as many testimonials as you have. I have oftentimes packaged these up in a separate, small, publication.
– add testimonials to your printed materials. This includes, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, brochures, and more.

As with any testimonial you include, make sure it complies with any local, state, and federal laws. Also, be sure you have your patients’ permission (written & signed) on file.

One other note: many times, testimonials you receive may sound so outrageous, you may have to tone them down. If you do change any testimonial submitted to you, be sure you get the final ‘OK’ from your patients.