I was thinking the other day about how some go from start to reaching a major milestone or goal far faster than others, who in many cases have been at it for years. This kind of fast advancement confounds many. And, rather than attempt to understand the thought or actual process behind it, they condemn it, citing that the individual didn’t follow the path others laid down, so somehow, the accomplishment isn’t legitimate in their eyes (my attitude, is, “Who Cares?!”).

Brings me back to college. I finished my Bachelors in 3 years of classes vs. the standard 4. And, I did it while working at the very least, part-time and in the case of my senior year, more than full-time for a US Senator in Washington, DC. I just looked at the typical course most took and decided to make my own.

Same when it came to opening a dental office. I actually considered going to dental school for a while in order to open one. But after a short meeting with an attorney, I saved myself at least four years of classes and about $200,000. I traded $20,000 for a set of fancy documents and used that $200,000 to open my first office.

The lesson? If you buy into this line of thinking (and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t):

“The Standard Pace is for chumps…”

(Derek Sivers as quoted in Tools of Titans)

Look, at the end of the day, there are only three things to keep you from reaching your goals faster than you ever thought possible:

  • Your mind. This is the most significant and can set you back a decade or more if you allow it. In other words, it’s a battle of wills…YOU vs. what your brain is telling you (which you can control, 100%!).
  • People. The wrong people will cause delay, headaches, loss of sleep and money. The trick is to recognize who the right ones are. Even after over 20 years, I’m still caught off guard by who the right ones are vs. the wrong ones. My best answer is to hire fast and fire fast. Don’t put up with BS or excuses, set clear expectations and milestones. If either are not hit, the writing is on the wall. (In 4 months, I’ve hired and fired 3 different operations people at my dental office. Turns out, the right one might not be required. Who knew?)
  • Resources. This could be money. More often than not, money isn’t the thing. It’s usually opportunity, a list of customers or __________________. (Insert resource – maybe it’s knowledge you can acquire or buy to increase the speed of your venture.)

If you’re not reaching your goals fast enough, at the pace you desire or need, you might do a reset and re-allocate the above to get you there faster.

FACT: I know the right people in the right places can make all the difference in the world. Many times, re-arranging who is doing what, when and who is responsible for different tasks, can make a tremendous difference in the outcome.

I’ve often cited the simple idea that if you took a high performer from their own office and stuck him or her in another, far lower performing office, and gave them autonomy to make decisions, they’d turn around the loser in 90 days or less. And, in all likelihood, not much would look the same at the end of those 90 days, to include employees, systems, procedures, policies, etc.

Is it time for you to “reset?”

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