Important question for you to think about:

Have you ever considered what the one thing every business must have to get off the ground and grow, grow and grow some more?

The late, great, Prince of Print, Sir Gary of Halbert, was famous for one of his most eye-opening, yet profoundly simple questions and statements about business success that involved a of all things, a roach coach (today, we call them food trucks).

Don’t lose me here because I didn’t say dental office…this goes way beyond “what” you market and sell.

He asked, “If you had a roach coach, what one thing would you want more than anything else, besides a McDonalds?” (I am paraphrasing here and going from a memory that is likely 15 years old…so bear with me if I have butchered it!)

Really. What would YOU want?

What if we were talking about a dental practice?

Would you want a gorgeous, state-of-the-art dental office? What about one complete with the world’s best staff? The best clinicians (you included of course!)? The world’s best location?

What else could you possibly need to make that business a success?

I’ll tell you in just a second.

But first, back to the roach coach.

Let’s say you owned that bugger. What would make you more happy than a new grill, the best, highest-quality organic ingredients in the whole wide world and a gorgeous, fuel efficient, or even super green, solar-powered roach coach?

There’s one thing NO business can live without. Including a roach coach. Including a dental office…

And that, dear friend, is a STARVING CROWD.

Unless you have a starving crowd that is beating a path to your door and almost literally knocking it down, NONE of what we’ve discussed is worth having, because, none of it will make you one red cent unless you have a constant, never-ending demand for your services from new and repeat patients.


Make sense?

None of the finest gadgetry matters. Not even the next most exciting clinical course means a hill o’ beans unless you have patients, a SURPLUS of patients, making a beeline to your office.

If you’re struggling to attract more new patients that are demanding your services, your best bet is a proactive approach.

Here are a couple of steps to help you get started:

1.) Is your front office converting every potential patient that calls? In listening to hundreds of recorded calls, I can tell you even the best offices are turning away prospective patients and the doctors are rarely aware of it. Start listening to your inbound calls to learn more. Then, take corrective action via training.

2.) Study the demographics of the patients you most easily attract and desire more of, and look for ways to add additional media to reach them. In other words, how else can you reach that market? Direct mail? Newspaper? Magazine ads? Targeted internet keyword marketing?

3.) Seek professional help and mentors to help you grow your business. Just like if I were to diagnose or fill a cavity of my own would be foolish, ignoring the help that is available via my ClearPath Society® to grow your business is foolish, too.

The first step to curing what ails us all is admitting we need sound, wise, impartial counsel when we need it to hit or exceed our next goal.

To attract your own starving crowd of new patients, and learn more about my ClearPath Society®, visit: