Long, long ago, 20 years back, one of my first introductions to hiring the right people people for whatever job I had open was to make them do stuff to see if they could follow directions.

Not an “interview” mind you, but something totally different.


Think about actors. How do they “get” their next gig or job? Do they interview for it?


They don’t interview. Why?

An interview is a series of questions posed by one party to get the other party to answer.

And in the world of job interviews, it’s ideally to see how the person being interviewed will respond, right? Like…”Will they have the right answers?”


I like the idea of an AUDITION, just like an actor must do, far better.

And, the audition for whatever job you’re offering must be filled with real-life tasks. Not pretend. Not fake.

But real life, actual tasks.

Hiring a hygienist? Let ’em work a day for their “audition.” Get feedback from your patients. And, your team that’s working with them. Have them clean a current employee’s teeth.

Hiring a DA? Tell ’em to saddle up and get to assistin’. Have ’em clean a bathroom (then inspect it). Sterilize. Perform maintenance on your equipment. Sell a crown. Answer the phone. WHATEVER!

Hiring front office? Set them down and ask them to dive in. Can they post an EOB payment? Have them answer the phone. Greet a patient. Run to the store to get “h20” and see if they ask, “regular or distilled?” And so on.

See what I’m getting at?

If you want to hire a high-quality team member/employee, put ’em through the paces before you officially hire them.

Give them detailed instructions in their audition and see how many things they screw up.

Stop interviewing and start auditioning!

Oh, and make sure you pay these people for their time in your practice. Follow the laws of your state (ask your atty if necessary).

Can someone claim unemployment? Maybe. So? Is finding the best candidate for the position worth a few hoops and having your attorney argue against unemployment worth it?

You bet.

Now…go get ’em!

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