Coming soon to a tooth near you: an internet-connected toothbrush linking your patients to their insurance company, leaving YOU out.

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If you think there’s interference now between you and your patients, wait until an idea like this gains traction and you might well get ZERO dollars for a visit!

(“Gee doctor, sorry we can’t pay you for little Tommy’s $250 visit…he’s not been brushing his teeth at home and well, we can’t reward him for improper, unsanctioned behavior…”)

“Tech” start-up, Beam Technologies, is launching their new “insurance company” in August. It claims to be able to offer 100,000 dentists as providers in the article on, but, once you dive in, you find that it’s only 95,000 (via Careington, which we already know is a not even real insurance, but merely a DISCOUNT dental plan disguised as consumer insurance).

Don’t think for one second this sort of consumer spying and info-gathering is new. Car insurance cos. have been using it for years. State Farm offers it. So does Progressive. They give you this little internet-connected box to plug into your car. It monitors your speed and driving habits and bases your insurance bill on the info it gathers.

These GCs (Greedy Corporate-Types) don’t even know they’ve partnered with a non-insurance company that doesn’t get a lot of love from Dentists. But, heck, what does that matter. When does the truth matter? (95,000 vs. 100,000 dentists – what’s 5k give or take, right?) We know our politicians aren’t truthful. Those we elect to serve us, serve only themselves.

More interference. More connectedness and hand-holding. More dumbing down of America. More control over our lives. More all designed to give you LESS. And, allow you to have less input on how your patients will care for their teeth. And, perhaps pay you less, too.

Just like the EDs of Dentistry (Establishment Dentists/Dentistry), the greedy Corporate claws are dipping into your pockets yet again.

News flash: Insurance is not necessary for your patients, nor is it truly helpful when you examine who pays the premiums! If the consumer is using it, they are paying for it somehow. Why not eliminate the middleman and use ClearPath Society®’s Dental Health Care Club™?

The only way to DISRUPT this new technology is to disprove it. De-link. And, disconnect.*

Accept this new “thing” as the best “thing” ever at your own peril.



*Courtesy of my friend, Ryan Fletcher.