I was on my afternoon walk (I take ‘em daily) and a rather obvious thought occurred to me:

Success in dentistry is more skill-based than anything else.

The greater and more developed your skills, the better you’ll do. Period.

At the chair.

Managing your team.

Managing your money.

It’s all skills-based.


Then I got to thinkin’: What do the most successful business people I personally know have in common – what key skill?

The answer hit me like a 2×4, right across my skull and I thought, “There’s no dental consultant in America that’d like me sharing that…”

So, of course, I have to share it.

What’s the magic bullet?

It’s this:

Becoming a coach for your team.

If you develop the skill of coaching, which anyone can, you can crush it in business.

Because, really, what’s business?

It’s not unlike a sport’s team.

In dentistry, you’ve heard the saying before: It’s a team effort.

You and I both know that no one man or woman can be a success in practice until and unless they develop a great team.

To do that requires BEING a great coach.

If you develop your coaching skills, you’ll find even greater success in dentistry.

What’s coaching?


And, what’s leadership?

It’s developing the people you have around you. (And, as critical, it’s developing yourself.)

That’s it.

I can’t think of many consultants that’d want that insight getting out.

But here today – it’s yours.

Do with it what you may.

PS. Now, you might be thinking I’m selling coaching. Truth is, no. I’m not. And, frankly, I’d rather see YOU develop as a coach for your own team than to buy a short-term solution that comes and goes with your next batch of employees.

Now, to do that fast and effectively, you might want to hire a coach’s coach. If that’s the case, reach out. I can point you in the right direction.