How Medicine Worked For Me, Today…
How Dentistry Can Work For YOU, Tomorrow

Easter Sunday, my eldest daughter woke up with a symptom she’d not had before. Monday, morning came and the symptoms had worsened.

I sent a text at 6:47am to our family physician, Dr. Matt Bain, asking if he could work her in today due to my concern about the symptoms and the potential for serious issues. By 7:30am, my daughter was on her way to his office.

By 8:07am, she was dismissed after a check-up and diagnosis.

By 8:30am, she was at school, barely missing a beat.

Fortunately, the diagnosis wasn’t ugly.

There are two big reasons why she was able to get in and get fixed.

  1. Bain is incredible. I’ve never, ever met a more caring individual in my life. He would drive to my home to care for any family member. Literally. I can’t begin to tell you how he has gone well above and beyond what an ordinary physician might. You wouldn’t believe it.
  2. He doesn’t take insurance. Instead, he has a health care “club,” much like the one in my dental office, that allows his patients to make a small monthly payment each month in exchange for access to him and his clinic and well, so much more (like opening doors to specialists, hospitals and other clinics, interfacing with specialists and coordinating care, for example).

Insurance doesn’t rule the day. Instead, Dr. Bain’s created a simple way for me and my family to get what we need from a top-flight physician minutes from my home.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every physician operated (sorry for the pun) this way? Matt runs a very efficient, low overhead practice. He has one front office person and one nurse.

He is in an office with 2 or 3 other physicians, so he splits the overhead costs on his space and they share equipment, too.


He passes those savings along to his patients. He doesn’t have to charge $250 a visit because he doesn’t have someone up front working insurance all day long every day. He doesn’t have to wait go get paid or concern himself with filing a claim and having it denied, either.

Efficiently operated dental offices can function in much the same way. In fact, mine does. We leverage a system I created 14 years ago called The Dental Health Care Club™, or, DHCC. It’s a simple system that gives each of our Guests (we call them Guests) a way to receive basic preventive care for one low monthly installment each month. So, when they show up for their exam, x-rays and cleaning, they are in and out with no money out of pocket.

Should they need any additional treatment, from filling a cavity to protect a tooth, a crown to repair a broken or badly damaged tooth, orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth, or, an implant to replace an extracted tooth or many teeth, it’s discounted a minimum of 10%.

Plus, oftentimes, we are able to extend payments out over a few months to make it even easier for our Guests to afford the dentistry they need or want.

There are mistakes to be made with Systems like the one I described and I don’t encourage anyone to just create one or put it into place without learning about some of the potential snags, like running afoul of your state’s insurance board…not a challenge you want to have.

In my ClearPath Society® Membership here at JJD, we’ve done nearly all the heavy lifting and can gladly outfit you with our DHCC System so you can begin to offer your uninsured patients a way to get the care they need, and frankly, for less than their insurance might cover!

To learn more, reach out or visit Our phone is 503-339-6000. Just ask for a Member Ambassador to help you.