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Friday, I told you that today, I’d begin to tell you
how to attract more money (aka production,
patients, profits, better, more interesting employees
to help you with your mission, etc.) by just being

The first step I want you to take is to impart
some damn personality in your dental office.

What do I mean?

Well, for starters is there ANYTHING in your
office that really resembles the true YOU?

Or, is it all crap someone else thought would be
impressive for patients to smell, see and talk

My guess is, it’s the latter.

Look, if that’s the case and you really don’t
want to upset your spouse (that’s who it’d be
in my case – smiling, yes, I am smiling right
now!), you don’t have to. But, SOMEWHERE
inside your office, you need to have something
that’s visible to your patients that is representative
of the real you.

Not the fake you.

Not the you someone else wants you to be.

Certainly not the you your high school English
teacher wanted you to be.

I’ll give you an example of what I mean here:

If I were the dentist at SofTouch(TM), every op
would have something I love to look at and talk

Op 1: Mexico beach stuff. A big marlin mounted
on the wall. A small beach bar and palapa (I’m
thinking “Art & Beer” on the way to Todos Santos).
Maybe even some fishing net strung from the ceiling.

Op 2: Would have to be Northwestern Coast Themed.
There’d be a stuffed King Crab, a giant salmon
(one of the giant salmon from the old Columbia
River run in the early part of the 19th century when
100lb Kings were the norm), pictures of tugboats
and of my 48′ Grand Banks underway from Seattle
to Southeast Alaska. (Some day, that boat will be
my home for part of the year when I buy it!)

Op 3: Kids. I’d have this Op themed after all the
cool things my kids have made either for me or
their mom. There’s artwork, projects, great pics
of them in action. The best art in the world is your
kids’, right?! I’ll be this one would be popular with
Moms. Or, grandparents. And, at SofTouch(TM), we see
a lot of grandparents.

In the reception area, I’d have more things represent-
ative of me.

What does all this mean?

It’s creating CONTENT and THEME and, for
yous out there wanting to create a BRAND, this is
one way to begin that process — a way to do it.

I’ve mentioned before, a guy in Central Oregon that
has a pool table and big screen TVs in his reception

That’s cool. People talk about those things.

If your reception area is boring, stale, not you, then,
it’s YOUR CHARGE to make it you.

My reception area would be a lot like my man cave/office
at home…

OK, enough for today…this journey, part II, will
continue tomorrow.