Imagine, a simple process that, in a matter of a few days, had you starting more implant cases than you could handle in month!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

I’d like to give you one way to accomplish this. Right here, in this blog post.

Read on…

If you’re like most docs who’ve tx-planned implants, you’ve got a software system that will segment or “isolate” those for which you’ve treatment planned implants.

I know in Dentrix, I can pull (don’t ask me the “how,” I just know I can call Dentrix support or open up the Dentrix “Bible” and get the info) up a list of every patient within a given period of time, that has a TP next to “Implant” in their Patient Chart.

Armed with this really, really cool info, I can then have Dentrix export the name of the pt and the address of the pt.

From here, all that info can be opened up in Microsoft Excel as a “database.”

The database should have the number of implants tx-planned, the tooth #s, and, even the fee.

Here’s what to do next:

Craft a letter (I have one I am developing now for SofTouch. I’ve not yet tested it, and it’s not quite ready for my ClearPath Society Members, but it soon will be!) that can be “personalized” with all the information from the database. You can do this in Microsoft Word Mail Merge, under Tools.

This letter MUST include the numerous benefits available to pts with implants. In fact, if all you did was create what I call a “bullet list” of benefits and included that with a nice letter that read something like:

Dear Bob,

Back on [insert date], you visited with me about the possibility dental implants and how those might change your life…your health.

I’m writing to you today because regularly, my staff and I audit our charts to make sure we’ve done everything in our power to give every one of our patients all the options for improving their overall health. And, dental implants play a major role, as you may know.

Bob, if you’d like to …


…then, I’d be pleased to discuss this in detail with you at your convenience. And, with consultations such as these, there’s never a charge. Call Mary today to schedule your no-cost dental implant consultation to see if they might be right for you.

And, there’s never an obligation.


Dr. I.B. Implantin’

Granted, this is me just tossing together a letter for a blog post. My final one may or may not look much like this. But, I’m hoping you get the idea.

The best part about this? You have a number of high-profit procedures you could use this very same process to extract major production with minimal expense. In fact, if you did this a couple of times a year, just isolating those with certain procedures that were tx-planned but never completed, you’d achieve a new production milestone. It’s all about reactivating patients, and, getting planned tx off the shelf, converting it to production and HIGH-PROFITS.

Questions? Shoot me an email. Want this done for you? Just $397 and a per piece charge with your list and you’re one HUGE step closer to the easiest implants you’ll ever sell! Call my office for a free 20-minute consultation: 503-339-6000.