If your close friends or family are thieves, charlatans and liars, you’ll soon adapt their habits, their ways.

If your close friends or family are lazy and don’t have two nickels to rub together, a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of…you’ll be next. Guaranteed.

You see we become the lowest common denominator of those we surround ourselves with.
But wait…it’s also what you feed you mind that’s important, too.

My kids aren’t part of any social media (Flakebook, twitter, etc.) but I imagine if they were, I’d be reading some of the same childish retorts or posts.

If you are truly pursuing excellence, you must surround yourself with it. If you are in pursuit of a higher income, you have to surround yourself with those who have far more than yours. You have to not just witness, but adapt their (good) habits.

You have to become good at reading people and “movements” or trends in order to protect and defend that for which you’ve worked hard. You have to, in essence, have your own built-in, shock-proof shit detector on, at all times.

And, it must be operating at full-strength no matter what you’re doing.

That means interacting with employees and allowing their problems to become yours. Vendors and what they’re pitching. Consultants and what “new thing” they are selling you now for which they offer no proof that it works. Idiots who have more time on their hands than patients in their chairs (THINK: Are America’s wealthiest, happiest Dentists really spending their day on DentalTown or some other social media? Or, are they busting a**, nose-to-grindstone, ignoring what losers are doing and remaining focused?). And so on.

You can’t let your guard down. Ever.