Tomorrow, I have a 2 hour time frame all set aside. No interruptions, no phone calls, no email.


Just silence.

My goal in this two hour chunk is to plan the next 3 months.

Seems like whenever I plan in December for the coming year, many things change.

Most of which are out of my control.

The changes create the need to correct my course. What was true in January is no longer true now. What worked in March, may not work now. Not that there have been big swings in what’s happened, but more like consistently small, barely noticeable shifts.

Whatever. Don’t mean to go all college philosophy professor on ya.

Bottom line, I’m getting some much needed time to do a critical evaluation of where I’m at, where my business is at, where I want it to be in 30 days, 60, 90, etc. And, most importantly, what am I prepared to sacrifice for that progress: time, money, longer hours? (Incidentally, I prefer to trade ‘money’ for the progress. We’re only given so much time, so I like to buy it where and when I can.)

My goal after that two hours is to have a punch list created, and partial road map drawn with time lines in place.

Like my buddy Tom reminded me the other day, “If you’re failing to plan, plan on failing.”

Have you dedicated any time recently to review your plans, both business and personal, to see if you’re just floundering, on track, or ahead of the game?

Now’s a good time. Tomorrow might be too late.

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