Coming in December, for ClearPath members, I will be committing a large part of my newsletter content to this very topic, the Art of the Referral.


Yesterday, after switching from one insurance co. to another (From Farmers to State Farm), recently, I noted the “intake” process my new agents used.

It was brilliant – textbook practically. He was even able to tell me that 36.7% of their new business in the last year came directly from existing client referrals.

I could see why. They PRACTICE what is taught and they focus on it; taking it to new levels even.

I’m excited to write about this next month. And, I believe the timing will be perfect, too, as you’ll have ample time to implement a whole new focus on patient referrals in 2011.

Imagine: what if 36.7% of YOUR new patients came from referrals? You’d be as busy as you could ever want.

If there is something in particular you use in your office now, give me some feedback here – comments and thoughts welcome. Just punch ’em in below!