I’ve been a client of Jerry’s since the very beginning, since before he bought the company! And there’s a very simple reason for that – he produces results! Whether you are just starting out and in need of a flood of warm bodies, or whether you’re an oldtimer like me more interested in a selective niche clientele, Jerry will design a custom treatment plan specifically tailored to your own personal needs. Not only is Jerry the King of Direct Response Dental Marketing (the only marketing that gives immediate measurable results), he is the only credible marketer I know of that has actually tested and refined his skill set in his own dental practice. He sees through his client’s eyes like no other. If you’ve got the expendable cash and are more interested in stroking your own ego with flashy “brand development”, you’ve got lots of choices. But if your priority is immediate measurable return on your investment, Jerry is the guy; look no further.